April 10

Peter Morgan

Peter Morgan (born April 10, 1963) U.K. playwright, screenwriter – The Queen

Watch Peter Morgan talking with John Lithgow

Mike Ford

John M. (Mike) Ford (born April 10, 1957) U.S. science fiction author, poet – The Dragon Waiting (1983)

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Three years ago, over breakfast, my friend Helen handed me a novel about a quest that, unknown to both of us, would set me off on a quest of my own. The book was called The Dragon Waiting, and it was written by the late science fiction and fantasy author John M. Ford. Helen placed the mass-market paperback with its garish cover in my hands, her eyes aglow with evangelical fervor, telling me I would love it. I would soon learn that, owing to Ford’s obscurity, his fans do things like this all the time. Soon, I would become one of them....

Watch John M Ford discuss his novel The Dragon Waiting
(minute 14:30)

George Russell

George William Russell (born April 10, 1867) Irish poet, theosophist, artist, political activist

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Watch a discussion of Russell's life and his mysticism (minute 11:00)