April 6

Leonora Carrington

Leonora Carrington (born April 6, 1917) U.K. surrealist artist and writer – The Hearing Trumpet

Read about Leonora Carrington when she was 92 years old, the age of her protagonist, Marian Leatherby, in The Hearing Trumpet

See more of Carrington’s art in Elisa Lovo’s blog post (in Portuguese)

Sinister Work (1973) Leonora Carrington
Sinister Work (1973)

Read an excerpt (in Spanish) from Carrington’s one-act play
The Invention of Mole

View a montage of Carrington’s art (Mexico City 2008 Exhibition)

Joanna Moorhead, Carrington's cousin, writes about the lessons a surrealist has for Corona virus lockdown

Erica Mou

Erica Mou / Erica Musci (born April 6, 1990) Italian novelist, singer and musician - Thirsty Sea (2022)

Read a review of Mou's novel Thirsty Sea here

Lowell Thomas

Lowell Thomas (born April 6, 1892) U.S. newsman, broadcaster, author – With Lawrence in Arabia (1924)

Read about Lowell Thomas here

Watch High Adventure with Lowell Thomas, about his 1949 trip to Tibet
 here (the Dalai Lama at minute 40:00)