December 6

Tomson Highway

Tomson Highway (born December 6, 1951) Canadian (First Nations, Cree) playwright, novelist, musician – Kiss of the Fur Queen (1998)

Read more about Tomson Highway and his writing here

Tomson Highway talks about his multilingual heritage - Cree, French, English

Eve Curie Labouisse

Eve Curie Labouisse (born December 6, 1904) French-U.S. journalist, biographer, “First Lady of UNICEF” from 1965-1979

Read about Eve Curie's biography of her mother at

Watch a video in French about Eve Curie

Ira Gershwin

Ira Gershwin (born December 6, 1896) U.S. lyricist – “I Got Rhythm” (Girl Crazy)

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Listen to a 1970 interview of Ira Gershwin