This layout uses multiple column rules so that how many columns each group takes depends on the width of the browser.

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A quick way to create a two-column pattern that shows an image next to a photo. In Bootstrap 4, you gain the ability to center elements using flexbox classes. A couple of things to watch out for is that these will always render as single columns and can sometimes be too wide, so these particular media elements are inside an eight-column grid.

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Yodelay Hee Hoo!

Yodel grew up in a family of singers and loud talkers and could never get a word in edgewise. Then his vast talent for yodeling emerged. Now he performs to adoring fans throughout the world, and always has the loudest voice at the dinner table.

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One Monster of a Baker

Filo was named after the wonderful, buttery pastry crust that monsters adore. She's a prominent baker and pastry chef in monster circles and is always exploring and sharing new dessert trends.

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Don't Worry, Be Happy!

With the bad rap they get from movies, monsters have it pretty tough. Perhaps no monster has done more to squash stereotypes than Smiley, who can take anyone's frown and turn it upside down.

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Hatching a plan

You might not realize this, but monsters, by their very nature, are master planners. They plan their finances, their diets, their exercise routines, their leisure time, and even their grocery lists. They also organize some pretty memorable parties! Some scientists theorize that monsters had to be strong planners to compete with dragons, fairies, and gnomes in the business and technology markets. Whatever the origin of their efficiency, if you ever need a wedding planner, call a monster!

Nested Image 02

Emerging talent

Monsters are forces to reckon with in the burgeoning technology industry. They're masterminds in HTML, CSS, PHP, and all those other cool acronyms, and they have a special fondness for building games and productivity apps for Android and iOS devices. And not surprisingly, they love the freedom and creativity that Bootstrap provides. In fact, they're often found hanging out in great responsive layouts, just like this one here.

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Horns on monsters likely originated as a means for self-defense. However, nowadays they're more commonly used for such routine tasks as opening cans, digging in the garden,and flipping burgers on the grill.

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Monsters with tentacles can mop the floor, cook dinner, and type a winning proposal, all while sipping a steaming hot latte. Their multitasking ability is a talent many aspire to, but most will never achieve.

Icon 03

Periscope Eyes

Periscope-eyed monsters can watch a football game in the family room, while "keeping an eye" on what's simmering on the stove. Many are also astute detectives who find satisfying work in law enforcement.

Floater Image

You've Got a Friend

When you hang with monsters, you've got the best friends in the world. Feeling down? They'll make your spirits soar. Stomach rumbling? They'll whip you up a satisfying snack. Crave adventure? They'll explore the world with you. You're one lucky individual!

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Hire Spook, and her monster pals, to scare the pants off your family and friends any time of the year. Though she has a heart of gold and would never hurt a living soul, she's full of mischief and loves to haunt. After all, who doesn't love a good adrenaline rush?

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So sweet!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a decadent dessert from Topsy Turvy Cake Design. Their monster bakers will enliven your taste buds with award-winning creations including Upside Down/Inside Out cake and Hornets' Nest muffins.

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Simply magical!

Bet you didn't know monsters are talented illusionists. They'll even conjure up a tantalizing 12-course meal and wolf it down before your very eyes. And if you ask nicely, they'll happily share it with you. Just don't expect it to be very filling.