February 2

Xuan Dieu

Xuân Diệu (born February 2, 1916) Vietnamese poet

Quả lựu / Pomegranate

Nửa mưa nửa nắng, là em; / Half sun, half rain, the children
Nắng thưa mưa nhặt, vườn thêm bùi ngùi / pick the abundant sunshine, settle in the garden
Lòng anh: quả lựu chín mùi, / His heart: a ripe pomegranate
Lắm khi vừa vỡ vừa cười - đó em / with a broken smile - I am that

James Joyce

James Joyce (born February 2, 1882) – Irish novelist – Dubliners (1914)

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Joseph Seamon Cotter Sr

Joseph Seamon Cotter, Sr. (born February 2, 1861) U.S. poet, playwright

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Frederick Douglas

O eloquent and caustic sage!
Thy long and rugged pilgrimage
To glory's shrine has ended;
And thou hast passed the inner door,
And proved thy fitness o'er and o'er,
And to the dome ascended.

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Night Winds

The slender moon in its silvery sheen,
The golden stars with the blue between
Of a dreamy, summer sky;
And still the night winds sigh.
With the silvery moon to whisper to,
And the golden stars to kiss, mid the blue
Of a listening, summer sky,
For what should the night winds sigh?