February 25

Russell Atkins

Russell Atkins (born February 25, 1926) U.S. poet, editor, composer

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George Schuyler

George Schuyler (born February 25, 1895) U.S. novelist, journalist, essayist – Black No More (1931)

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The first verse of George Schuyler’s satiric poem
“Ballad of Negro Artists”
which mocks the Harlem Renaissance writers

Now Old Merlin the wizard had nothing on us
Though he conjured a castle up out of the dust;
For with nothing but gall and a stoutness of heart,
On this public we’ve foisted this New Negro Art.

Oh! This New Negro Art;
This ‘peculiar’ art
On the gullible public
We’ve foisted our ‘art’

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The making of a Black conservative: George S Schuyler

Listen to George Schuyler in 1961, on a panel with Malcolm X and James Baldwin (minute 12:50)

Mary Coyle Chase

Mary Coyle Chase (born February 25, 1906) U.S. playwright and journalist – Harvey

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