January 25

Gloria Naylor

Gloria Naylor (born January 25, 1950) – U.S. novelist – The Women of Brewster Place (1983)

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The Women of Brewster Place


Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf (born January 25, 1882) – British novelist, essayist – Three Guineas (1938)

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An excerpt from Three Guineas:

The whole iniquity of dictatorship, whether in Oxford or Cambridge, in Whitehall or Downing Street, against Jews or against women, in England, or in Germany, in Italy or in Spain is now apparent to you. But now we are fighting together. The daughters and sons of educated men are fighting side by side. That fact is so inspiring, even if no celebration is possible, that if this one guinea could be multiplied a million times all those guineas should be at your service without any other conditions than those that you have imposed upon yourself. Take this one guinea then and use it to assert 'the rights of all-- all men and women--to the respect in their persons of the great principles of Justice and Equality and Liberty.' Put this penny candle in the window of your new society, and may we live to see the day when in the blaze of our common freedom the words tyrant and dictator shall be burnt to ashes, because the words tyrant and dictator shall be obsolete.

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Virginia Woolf reads her essay "Craftsmanship" (1937 BBC radio program)

David Grossman

David Grossman (born January 25, 1954) - Israeli author, activist

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