January 30

Lady Anne Clifford

Lady Anne Clifford (born January 30, 1590) – British diarist, activist for women’s legal rights – The Knole Diary (ca. 1603-1676)

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Jack Spicer

Jack Spicer (born January 30, 1925) – U.S. poet

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This ocean, humiliating in its disguises
Tougher than anything.
No one listens to poetry. The ocean
Does not mean to be listened to ...

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André Bjerke

André Bjerke (born January 30, 1918) – Norwegian poet and novelist

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Anton Tammsaare

Anton Tammsaare (born January 30, 1878) – Estonian novelist, playwright – Tõde ja õigus I-V, 1926-33 – Trubornth and Justice, Vol.1-5

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