November 9

Danielle Trussoni

Danielle Trussoni (born November 9, 1973) U.S. novelist – The Ancestor (2021)

Danielle Trussoni's website here

Danielle Trussoni discusses her novel, The Ancestor

Robert Frank

Robert Frank (born November 9, 1924) Swiss-U.S. photographer/artist/filmmaker - The Americans (1958)

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Robert Frank's book The Americans here

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Robert Frank talks about 1950s America and his photography

Ivan Turgenev

Ivan Turgenev (born November 9, 1818) Russian novelist, poet, playwright – A Month in the Country (1850)

Read a critique of Turgenev's literature
in comparison with Tolstoy and Dostoevsky here

Even Fathers and Sons, Wilson argued, was a failure. It is composed of “a nicely drawn set of scenes . . . the characters are realistic. The furniture, the clothes, and the food are all accurately described. . . . We see freshly picked bunches of lilac arranged near the samovar. . . . You can see it all. But there is a complete emptiness in this Russian Literature-Lite which leaves the reader hungry.”

[From "Ivan Turgenev Was Distrusted by the Left and the Right" by Micah Mattix]

Professor Irwin Weil places Turgenev's literature in the history of Russian serfdom
and his literary contemporaries, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy

Benjamin Banneker

Benjamin Banneker (born November 9, 1731) American author – Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virgina Almanack and Ephemeris (1792)

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Watch a video about Benjamin Banneker's inventions and almanacs