October 18

Juan Tamariz

Juan Tamariz (born October 18, 1942) Spanish magician – Verbal Magic (2008)

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Watch Juan Tamariz and the Seven Veils of Mystery

Thomas Love Peacock

Thomas Love Peacock (born October 18, 1785) U.K. novelist, satirist – Nightmare Abbey (1818)

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Online Books Page

Listen to "The War Song of Dinas Vawr" (1829) by Thomas Love Peacock

Jan Erik Vold

Jan Erik Vold (born October 18, 1939) Norwegian poet

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The Sun and the Tree
by Jan Erik Vold

The sun
the tree out of the ground. A green

opens from below, its shadow

the trunk
and the root.
The landing was steady
and firm.

Lyric poet Jan Vold reads "Tale for Loffen"

Vold performs "Against the Current" by André Bjerke here