December 15

Jo McDougall

Jo McDougall (born December 15, 1935) U.S. poet, 2018 Poet Laureate of Arkansas – The Undiscovered Room (2015)

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McDougall discusses her poetry here

Jo McDougall recites her poem "Anything We Want, Anything We Dream"

Betty Smith

Betty Smith (Elisabeth Wehner) (born December 15, 1896) U.S. Novelist / playwright – A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

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Betty Smith is interviewed in this 1951 TV program

Reiji Miyajima

Reiji Miyajima 宮島 礼吏 (born December 15, 1985) Japanese Manga artist – "Rent A Girlfriend" manga series

Reiji Miyajima discusses his manga series
Rent A Girlfriend

Watch a day in the life of Reiji Miyajima