January 19

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe (born January 19, 1809) – U.S. essayist, mystery and horror writer, and poet – Tamerlane (1829)

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An excerpt from the poem Tamerlane

We grew in age, and love together,
Roaming the forest and the wild;
My breast her shield in wintry weather,
And when the friendly sunshine smil'd
And she would mark the op'ning skies,
I saw no Heav'n, but in her eyes —
Ev'n childhood knows the human heart;
For when, in sunshine and in smiles,
From all our little cares apart,
Laughing at her half silly wiles,
I'd throw me on her throbbing breast,
And pour my spirit out in tears,
She'd look up in my wilder'd eye —
There was no need to speak the rest —
No need to quiet her kind fears —
She did not ask the reason why.

Breda Smolnikar

Breda Smolnikar born January 19, 1941 – Slovenian fiction writer

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